Marc Weigel moved from Las Vegas in 2006 to marry the former Anne Burns of Virginia Beach. Marc appreciates the joy, value and importance of finally finding and having the right person in his life…similar qualties of tenacity, instinct and passion he brings to his creative cooking as well. In the Summer of 2009, through the Divine Will of their dear priest friend residing in La Plata, New Mexico and with the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, Marc and Anne  moved to the enchanting Four Corners and are happy to claim Farmington, New Mexico as their home.

Chef Marc believes in the whole mind, body and soul connection. Even educating and passing on a recipe here, a cooking tip there is the unique and priceless aspect of Marc’s essence as your personal chef. Having come from a long line of chefs in his family, Marc is carrying on the tradition that began 7 generations ago in Strasbourg , France.

After eight years of being the Private Chef for the Catholic Bishops of the Diocese of Las Vegas, owning and working in many prestigious restaurants for over thirty years including his family’s in Strasbourg France as well as chewing the fat with Wolfgang Puck in California, and thus helping to introduce nouvelle cuisine to the world, Chef Marc has discovered that the joy, simplicity, and importance of daily good food, friends, family and faith are the ingredients necessary to live a rewarding, balanced, healthy and outstanding life. He wants to bring these skills and knowledge to individuals and families now, thus indeed helping all to exceed the Marc!

So, catering to your adventuresome and discriminating palate is Chef Marc’s mission. He is looking forward to having you experience the delight, joy and ultimate satisfaction of daily dining, with his personal chef culinary services in the convenience and privacy of your own home!

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