Fresh Veggies Crudités Southwestern Veggie Ranch Dip

Fresh Fruit Platter Chilled Sabayon Cream Sauce

Chipotle Devil Eggs

Mini Quiche Leeks Green Chile

Assortments of 3 Cheeses Baguette Crackers Apples Grapes

Assortment Cold Cuts Cured Meat Cheeses Olives Breads

Creamy Swedish Mini Meat Balls

Smoke Salmon Toast Capers Lemon Cream Cheese

Fresh Chicken Salad Pecan Apple Grapes

Tamato Capri Skewers Basil Mozzarella Balsamic Olive Oil

Minie Quiche Florentine Spinach

Smoke Polish Sausage with Roasted Tomatoes Arrabbiata Spicy

Mini Meat Balls Teriyaki Sesame Seed

Mini Meat Balls Southwestern Spicy

Shrimp Skewers Scampi Style

Herb Marinated Chicken Skewers Pesto Sauce

Beef Skewers Asian Style

Mushrooms Caps Garlic Butter with Shrimps Parmesan

Tomato Avocado and Basil Olive Tapenade Bruschetta

Mini Croissants Roast Beef Cheese Mustard Avocado Tomato

Assortment Mini Cheese Cake

Mini Cup Chocolate Mousse

Classic Tiramisu

Fresh Berries Chilled Sabayon Sauce

Assortment of Mini Tartlets Shells Fresh Berries Vanilla Custard

Profiterole Puffs French Pastry Cream Chocolate Topping

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